Breakneck Point Trail Runs

Staging Location

University Settlement Camp
724 Wolcott Ave
Beacon, NY, 12508
Note: limited parking at the Settlement Camp, overflow in the mansion lots across 9D and in neighborhood northwest/adjacent to Settlement Camp (Park respectfully: parking illegally or impinging neighbors driveways jeopardizes the event running again). DO NOT PARK next to the start/finish area in the Clearwater (big old house) parking lot.


  • Saturday, April 15th:
  • 05:30 - 06:45: Race-Day Registration and BIB Pickup at Pavilion Staging Area
  • 06:30: Marathon Start
  • 07:00: Half Marathon Start
  • 14:00: Course Cutoff Half Marathon
  • 18:00: Course Cutoff Marathon
  • 19:00: Post-Race gathering at Roundup BBQ and Tumbleweed Saloon in Cold Spring, NY

Crew Directions

Each aid station is easily accessible by car.

To get to AS1/2 (Half) and 1/3 (Full), take a left out of the staging area, drive approximately 3.1 miles on 9D and park along the shoulder in a turnout just south of a rail platform next to the river and just before Breakneck Ridge/Buttress (don't mind the run-on sentence). Breakneck Bypass AS is about 1/2 mile up the trail which emerges just south of and across from the rail platform.

To get to AS2 for the marathon, continue south on 9D 1.4 miles to a dirt parking area on the left just before Cold Spring.

To reach AS5 for the marathon, drive north, passing the staging area, and veering right on Howland Ave just after Mt. Beacon parking area. Take a right on E Main St which becomes Mountain Ave. Pocket Rd and AS just up to your right. Crews are not permitted to park in the Pocket Rd AS parking area (only room for a couple cars). Please find legal parking along Main or another side street and walk up.

Aid Station Grids

Half Marathon
Aid Station Distance: Sec(Cum) Est Leader: Run Time (ToD) Cutoff: Run (ToD)
AS1: Breakneck Point Base 5.8 (5.8) 0:48 (07:48) 3:00 (10:00)
AS2: S Mount Beacon In 4.2 (10.0) 1:57 (08:57) 5:30 (12:30)
Finish 2.9 (12.9) 2:15 (09:15) 7:00 (14:00)

Aid Station Distance: Sec(Cum) Est Leader: Run Time (ToD) Cutoff: Run (ToD)
AS1: Breakneck Point Base 5.8 (5.8) 0:50 (07:20) 2:30 (09:00)
AS2: Washburn Base 3.9 (9.7) 1:30 (08:00) 4:00 (10:30)
AS3: S Mount Beacon Out 6.45 (16.15) 3:00 (09:30) 7:00 (13:30)
AS4: S Mount Beacon In 7.8 (23.95) 4:30 (11:00) 10:00 (16:30)
Finish 2.7 (26.65) 4:55 (11:25) 11:00 (18:00)