Cayuga Trails

General Description

Cayuga Trails uses an out-back C-shape course configuration w/ a lollipop loop on the far end. The out-back configuration was chosen secondary to the FLT extending onto road and fairly unremarkable sections beyond each terminus. The result has allowed entrants to have the opportunity to see the race shaking out ahead and behind them in several points. It starts and ends in Robert H. Treman State Park where it ascends the gorge trail, passing through the Lucifer Fall's area in the upper gorge and the Finger Lakes Runner's Club's Old Mill AS, before wrapping out/connecting with/descending on the Rim Trail. Both sections are double/triple track trail which was intentionally chosen to allow the field to accommodate packs while minimizing potential impact to more sensitive surrounding single-track. Once clearing IronHeart Racing's Underpass AS runners will cross a creek and ascend single-track through and beyond the Finger Lake Land Trust's Lick Brook Gorge. From there it feeds through to Buttermilk Falls State Park where it begins the lollipop loop, traversing the upper old reservoir, merging w/ a scenic park road and descending on the old Burma Rd to Trails Roc's Buttermilk AS. From there it ascends the Buttermilk Gorge Trail on its way back to the start. Fifty milers complete two circuits, 40k'rs one.

The elevation gain is most likely somewhere around 9,000 though GPS devices have recorded as much as 11k+. It's tough to get a handle on an accurate read given the nature of the tight gorges and inaccurate signals. There are creek crossings around mile 4, 7.5, and 11.5…hit again on the return so the feet will stay wet. Get yourself some good Farm 2 Feet wool socks to stave off the swamp toes.


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Turn by Turn Directions
Section Directions Mileage
North Shelter Start Right Service Rd 0.25
Left after Gate to grassy access Rd 0.35
Left to remain on grassy access Rd 0.40
Right to merge onto Gorge Trail (turn often missed coming back in) 0.85
Straight to pass Red Pine Trail 2.05
Start Lollipop Loop Right to cross bridge into Old Growth Lollipop 2.55
Right onto paved path 2.56
Left up Red Pine Trail 2.65
Left at fork onto Access Rd 2.75
Left onto singletrack 3.05
Left onto grassy Access Rd 3.4
Left into grassy park slopes 3.5
End lollipop loop and cross stone bridge 3.7
Finish Lollipop Loop Right onto gravel upper Gorge Trail 3.7
Right across smaller stone bridge 3.75
Left onto paved path toward Old Mill 3.75
Old Mill AS1 Arrive Old Mill Aid Station 3.8
Left after Old Mill up steps 3.85
Left onto grassy Access Rd to cross bridge 4.2
Left onto singletrack FLT after bridge 4.2
Cross trail merger to stay on FLT 4.35
Left to pass gate at end of gravel Thomas Rd 4.55
Right to remain on FLT 4.65
Straight to pass FLT connector paths 4.8
Right (Lean-To Area) to remain on FLT 6.45
Cross over gravel Park Service Rd 6.85
Right and quick left to cross Park camp Rd 7.3
Cross beneath Rt 13 / 34 Underpass 7.4
Underpass AS2 Arrive at Underpass Aid Station 7.45
Right at grassy fork 7.46
Cross over Railroad Tracks 7.6
Cross Creek to remain on FLT 7.65
Stay left to cross over dry streambeds 7.85
Right at fork onto Blue FLT Spur 7.9
Straight to merge back onto White FLT 8.25
Right to cross bridge and quick left to cross Town Line Rd 8.5
Stay right at FLT merger 8.95
Right after exit from forest into field 9.0
Right back into forest just before fenced orchard 9.1
Left onto pipeline 9.3
Right onto King Rd 9.4
Left back off of King Rd 9.45
Right onto bottom of Yaple Rd 10.25
Left to cross bridge on Comfort Rd 10.26
Left to pass gate into Buttermilk Falls State Park 10.35
Straight to stay on gravel access road (course returns on left) 10.45
Left to descend steps for dam crossing 11.0
Right after crossing small wooden bridge 11.1
Right to drop through picnic area 11.11
Right across footbridge over spillway onto Park Rd 11.25
Cross King Rd back onto grassy access road 11.95
Right to merge onto Buttermilk Rim Trail 12.35
Left to remain on Rim Trail (off of broken gravel access Rd) 12.45
Buttermilk AS3 Pass vending machines to arrive at Buttermilk AS 12.75
Left to cross wood bridge 12.77
Left to ascend Buttermilk Gorge Trail 12.8
Cross over King Rd onto Bear Trail 13.5
Right to leave Bear Trail onto grassy path 14.1
Cross shoulder of parking lot to ascend broken paved path 14.25
Stay right onto dirt singletrack to skirt "Lake" Treman 14.3
Remain on worn trail (passing by orange FLT spur) 14.8
Right to re-join Out-Back course on gravel access rd 14.9
Pass gate to cross bridge on Comfort Rd 15.05
Right onto Yaple and crossing left back into Orange FLT 15.1
Right onto King Rd 15.93
Left off of King Rd onto grassy pipeline 15.95
Right back into forest to remain on Orange FLT 16.1
Left out of woods by orchard along field's edge 16.3
Left back into forest 16.4
Stay left on FLT spur trail 16.42
Right to cross Town Line Rd bridge 16.85
Left back onto white FLT 16.86
Right at fork to remain on white FLT (blue prior ascent to left) 17.2
Stay right, passing base of Blue FLT ascent 17.75
Cross Creek to remain on FLT 18.15
Cross over Railroad Tracks 18.16
Underpas AS4 Arrive at Underpass Aid Station 18.3
Cross beneath Rt 13 / 34 Underpass 18.3
Right and quick left to cross Park camp Rd 18.35
Cross over gravel Park Service Rd 18.85
Left to remain on white FLT (near lean-to) 19.25
Straight to pass FLT spur paths on right 20.95
Left onto gravel service rd to remain on FLT 21.0
Right after gate at end of Thomas Rd onto trail 21.15
Right to remain on FLT 21.35
Right to cross small wooden footbridge 21.5
Right to remain on trail 21.52
Right at Old Mill 21.9
Old Mill AS5 Arrive at Old Mill Aid Station 21.9
Cross small stone bridge and stay left 21.95
Start Lollipop Loop Left to cross stone arched bridge into reverse lollipop loop 22.0
Left to run lollipop loop in reverse / clockwise direction 22.0
Right onto grassy service road 22.15
Right on grassy path 22.2
Right on grassy service road 22.65
Right at fork onto Red Pine Trail 22.95
Emerge to cross meadow day use area 23.05
Exit Lollipop Loop Left to cross stone arched bridge to complete lollipop loop 23.15
Left to access Treman Gorge Trail 23.15
Remain straight to pass Red Pine Trail on left 23.65
Left (Often Missed Turn) off of Gorge Trail onto wooded service path 24.75
Right to remain on grassy service path 25.4
Right to pass through gate onto paved service road 25.4
Left to head through grassy field to North Shelter 25.6
North Shelter F / AS6 Arrive at North Shelter for Marathon Finish, 50M Aid Station 26.0
*50 Mile Course: **Repeats the prior sequence minus the Lollipop Loop