It's All Downhill From Here 5 Mile


Ithaca, NY

Staging Location:

517 Hudson St
Ithaca, NY, 14850

Note: We'll need volunteers for car-pooling to the start


Saturday, Nove,ber 4, 2016
8:30 am start

Connect and Updates:



Registration open on Ultrasignup

The $25 entry fee will cover insurance, BIB#'s, permit fees, a few PortaJohns, timing from Happily Running, post race food/drink from Collegetown Bagels, and some minimal but hopefully fun prizes. That pretty much makes up every bit of entry. It's my intention for all funds beyond those expense items to be put toward Six Mile Creek and South Hill Recreation area projects. We'll keep you in that loop in awareness and potential call for any volunteer opportunities for those projects. If anyone's so inspired to generate a fun and impactful fundraising mechanism in addition to entry fees, that'd be awesome.


This race offers entrants one of the fastest 5 mile courses they will ever run. The steepest pitch comes early, sure to make the opening mile hot, the second becomes a bit more gradual and faster as the legs begin to find their flow and let off the brakes. The final three run end to end on a hard packed gravel rail-trail at a slight grade, before a final downhill pitch into a fast last mile if there's anything left in the tank or the quads.

The hope is for a low key fun day w/ a whole lot of fun in running fast. It's also the intention that all profits will be put toward projects to rehabilitate and improve the eroding but amazing resource of Six Mile Creek recreation area. We're not sure exactly what this will look like yet nor do we have set groups to assess and tackle projects...but we have some good places to start. With both of those in mind we'll look to keep the event minimal in frill/schwag. Being Halloween weekend, costumes are encouraged.