Water Gap 50k

Coming Soon

Secondary to unforeseen construction at Haileah Day Use Area (the traditional start), and an downed tree/s around McDade Trail Mile 17 (in which the Recreation Area indicates will not be cleared by race weekend), we’ve had to adjust Staging area and course layout. We’re moving to Smithfield Beach Day Use area which is 2 miles north of our traditional start location at Haileah. The course will also move to an out-back format per the northern trail closure. It will retain a full running using the McDade Trail, and maximizing the area that we have access to between Smithfield and Jerry Lees.

Staging Location

Smithfield Beach Day Use Area
Water Gap National Recreation Area
River Rd, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302


  • Saturday, September 25:
  • 6:30 – 7:45 am: 50k BIB Pickup (no race-day registration) at Smithfield Beach Day Use Area
  • 8:00: 50k Start
  • 10:30: 25k Start
  • 4:30 pm – Course Closure at Smithfield Beach Day Use Area (8.5 hour cutoff for 50k, 6 hour cutoff for 25k)

50k Aid Stations

We have pins on the map to aid stations. We'll have Water, Tailwind, and typical AS fare junk food such as soda, chips, sandwich, etc.... Each Aid Station is crew accessible. Have them be mindful of driving into day-use areas as runners will be crossing the entry road. You may receive aid from your crews within in any of the designated Aid Stations:

  • Park Headquarters at 5.2 and 26.1 miles
  • Bushkill Access at 8.5 and 22.9 miles
  • Eshback Access at 13 and 18

Turnaround Point

We don't yet know exactly where the fallen tree/s is/are. Given that the turnaround point will be a yet-discovered and arbitrary location, course distance might vary a bit. It also means we need a point of check-in to keep you honest on the turnaround. So, we're going to try to have a bit of fun with it.

We're assuming the Water Gap will have the trail cordened off to the public, vs us getting right up to a fallen tree. Either way, wherever that point comes, we're going to ask you to take a selfie at that point with your phone. We want you to give us the face that most reflects your experience with COVID, including having to run out-back and turn around at some arbitrary point in the forest rather than running on to glory. We'll then hope to make a photo collage of our photos.

Drop Bags

50k runners can use drop bags at the Bushkill Access AS, miles 8.5 and 22.9 for the 50k, and the 8.5 mile halfway / turnaround point for the 25k. Drop bags must be marked with runner BIB# and Last Name and left in the marked bins at Smithfield Beach prior to the 50k Start. Drop bags will not be returned until after the final runner has cleared Bushkill Aid Station. Runners are permitted to stop and pick their drop bags up post-race.


Please mask up when checking-in or standing for extended periods close to those outside of your “pod”;. We'll also ask that you handle your own bottles (we're cup-less...bring a collapsible cup for soda) at aid stations to cut down on volunteers handling your snotty goodness.


We're still unclear whether Smithfield will be able to keep their bathrooms open for us (we'll try). Otherwise, we'll be using “pit” toilets and/or portajohns at the start / finish. Historically there's been a portajohn at Eshback Access which you'll hit at 13.5 and 18.5, but we're unsure on its presence secondary to COVID.

Thank you

Okay, we're getting there and thanks so much for your patience and understanding as we also work through some crazy times.