Whiteface Sky Races
July 2, 2022
Wilmington, NY

Whiteface sits on more true vertical gain than all but 14 other ski resorts in North America and more than any resort east of the Rockies. From its sharp and exposed form to an entrance lined with the rings and flags of the world telling of its place in past and current Olympic activity, Whiteface is iconic. Whether you're keen on throwing down w/ some of the best mountain runners in the world, or whether you're just up for a beautiful weekend in the ADK's, the resort and the town of Wilmington will provide the pitch perfect venue for an amazing weekend of hard efforts, awesome experiences, and the wonderful community which defines the best of trail running. Red Newt Racing, Whiteface Mountain, and the town of Wilmington are stoked to have you.

2022 will provide a 1 lollipop loop circuit Mountain Race course offering 4,000' gain (and loss) in 7 miles, a Vertical K (race from the bottom to the top) as well as kid's / family 1'ish mile SkyClimber event in the afternoon. Be sure to take a moment to stop, look up toward some of the best mountain runners in the world shuffling forward to the finish, back toward fellow entrants of all ages, shapes, and sizes moving toward the summit, and around at the brilliant Adirondack Peaks enveloping you. You don't get any of those sites often...soak it up. Weather & COVID permitting we'll have post-race festivities with food on Saturday evening, and the opportunity on Sunday to meet as small groups outside of the event to explore other area trails and/or Peaks.


Whiteface Mountain
5021 Route 86
Wilmington, NY


July 2 2022

Connect and Updates:



Kid's SkyClimber: $20
VK: $55
MMR: $75
Includes the event, some sort of schwag item (short-sleeve or sleeveless T), and some sort of finisher's item.

COVID Considerations
COVID Protocols May and Most Likely Will Change Before July
Please be sure to re-check this document race-week.

Mandatory to Read / Understand / Agree To

General Protocols

Entrants will be required to wear masks at check-in, at the staging area (pre and post) unless actively eating / drinking, and while in all aid stations and while inside the lodge (i.e. using the restrooms). You must pull up your mask when entering all Aid Stations!

Volunteers required to wear masks when in close (within 6 feet) and/or sustained contact with entrants or other volunteers, or while in contact with any shared equipment. Entrants are not required to wear masks while running / hiking, but to be considerate while passing others.

The race will have sanitizer pump stations at check-in and aid stations. Runners and volunteers are still strongly encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer, using pre / post contacting any common surfaces.

State Travel Restrictions / Requirements Per NYS COVID Protocols:
As of January 2022 there we no NYS specific travel restrictions. We will continue to monitor for updates via the NYS Travel Advisory Requirements. We'll continue to monitor for and update NYS protocols as we go.

Any entrant with fever, persistent cough, or with exposure to an individual who is / was COVID positive within 7 days of the event are asked not to race this year, and will have registrations rolled into 2023. Any entrant deemed at heightened risk for complications due to exposure are encouraged to differ their entry to 2023.