Whiteface Sky Races

Staging Location

Whiteface Mountain
5021 Rt. 86
Wilmington, NY, 12997


  • 08:30 - 09:45: Registration/BIB pickup VK Only (SR BIB pickup 11 – 2)
  • 10:00: Start Vertical K
  • ~ 11:00: Start Kid's Sky Clymber
  • 11:00 - 1:00: Party at the Summit including VK awards
  • 06:30 - 07:30: Registration/check-in for the SR, MMR, and Relay
  • 08:00: Start Whiteface Sky Race
  • 08:30: Start Sky Relay
  • 09:00: Start Marshak's Mountain Race
  • 10:50'ish: Anticipated leader
  • 2:00: 6 hour time cut point (all entrants must be through the Lodge AS (end of Flume Circuit) to continue on.
  • 2:00 - 5:00: Post race food, beverage, music
  • 5:00: 9 Hour Course Cut-Off


As you enter Whiteface Resort there is a main parking lot prior to the bridge and at the base of the flags to the right that we'd prefer entrants use.


Crews/spectators are welcome to hike up onto the mountain as they wish. The Cloudsplitter Gondola will be running but for an additional fee for non-entrants.

Preferred Lodging

Lodging options near race.

Crew Directions

Posting up at the Whiteface Lodge will be the most central location on the course, catching them at the start, the end of both loops, and the finish. If wanting to try for more crews can purchase a ticket to ride the Gondola to mid-mountain and hike toward the summit, but there's a good chance that they wouldn't make it back down before their runner, so it's somewhat of a wash. With that said, the summit is beautiful and might be worth the trade-off mid-race.

Another spot would be mid Flume Loop. To get there pull out of Whiteface, left on Rt. 86, and drive 1.2 miles down to a flume falls parking area on the left. Hereto though it's possible that you'd miss one of the Lodge pass-through's to hit it. If you're going to try you need to head out immediately after they pass through post Alpine Loop.